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Corporate News | January 14th, 2019

International Zeolite Receives Positive Poultry Barn Test Results

  • Results Quantify the Benefits of International Zeolite’s Poultry Additive in Turkey Feed
  • Stage II of Trials Now Underway for Broiler Chickens
  • Readies the Company for Commercial Marketing to Feed Mills

Vancouver, British Columbia, International Zeolite Corp. (the “Company”) (TSX.V: IZ) (OTCQB: IZCFF) (FSE: ZEON) an international marketer and supplier of natural zeolite and zeolite products, is pleased to announce the positive results of its ongoing testing of its turkey feeding trial in a commercial operation.

A barn-level research trial of zeolite-based additive to turkey feed began in May 2018. Dr. Lloyd J. Weber, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine conducted a live trial using International Zeolite’s poultry additive (Z-Lite Feed CFI Registration #991198) in a standard commercial ration poultry feed for turkeys. The study comprised a double-blind test beginning with 20,000 day-old turkey poults through to delivery of birds for processing. Half of the sample received feed including the International Zeolite additive (the “Test Group”) and half received the standard ration with no International Zeolite additive (the “Control Group”).

Observational and quantifiable results showed an increase in general health of the Test Group, receiving the Z-Lite additive. Specifically, results from the Test Group showed a measurable decrease in litter moisture, an improved weight gain and a slight improvement in bird mortality in the Test Group over the Control Group, with all other input factors being statistically equal between the two groups.

Dr. Weber’s final report demonstrated a clear link between the use of the Company’s Z-Lite poultry additive and improved crop yield, bird health and ancillary environmental attributes. “I would recommend this product to anyone concerned with wet litter in a turkey barn. This product would be especially effective when ventilation rates are slowed down in the winter, when producers want to and need to ventilate but cannot because of environmental factors or added costs of moisture control such as bedding and/or energy (heating) needs,” reported Dr. Lloyd Weber, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. “It is my opinion in the Ontario marketplace that marketing to a feed mill is more critical than marketing to an individual producer. The key measure of success of this trial is the litter moisture. The moisture results are significant and were observed by the feed producers and their nutritionist and sales representative. Dry litter keeps the birds healthy and happy.”

As this first stage of trial was conducted during the heat of summer – and a warmer than average period in Southern Ontario, International Zeolite has approved a second stage of trial in the winter months, which is now underway, to compare the results in these significantly different environmental conditions. Additionally, the second stage of this trial is being conducted on 33,350 broiler chickens. The feed is free of added antibiotics – versus the standard commercial ration – to ascertain the potential of a natural feed using only International Zeolite’s poultry additive, which contains no added biological or chemical agents.

Ray Paquette, CEO stated, “International Zeolite is fortunate to have the experience and expertise of Dr. Weber conducting these large and important trials using our Z-Lite additive. The positive results of these trials provide International Zeolite with quantifiable benefits to market our Z-Lite to large feed mills in Canada and the United States. According to the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada there are approximately 500 feed mills in Canada alone.”

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