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Corporate News | March 20th, 2019

International Zeolite Poultry Trial Confirms Economics

  • Positive results of 2nd in-field poultry study provides vital cost-benefit analysis
  • Use of Bromley Creek zeolite poultry additive increased producer profits by 6.5%
  • Company to implement marketing strategy to target Canada’s $2.9B poultry industry

Vancouver, British Columbia, International Zeolite Corp. (the “Company”) (TSX.V: IZ) (OTCQB: IZCFF) (FSE: ZEON) an international marketer and supplier of natural zeolite and zeolite products, is pleased to provide results of the 2nd phase of ongoing testing of its proprietary formulation of poultry feed additive from the Company’s Bromley Creek zeolite quarry near Princeton, BC.

Phase II of the Company’s barn-level research trial of zeolite-based additive to poultry feed began December 14, 2018. Dr. Lloyd J. Weber, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine conducted this second live trial using a 1% by weight inclusion of International Zeolite’s poultry additive in a standard commercial antibiotic-free feed for broiler chickens. The study comprised a double-blind test of two barns of Commercial Cobb mixed broiler chicks from receipt of the birds through to delivery for processing. Half of the sample (Barn 1) received RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics) feed including the International Zeolite additive (the “Test Group”), while half of the sample (Barn 2) received the standard RWA feed with no International Zeolite additive (the “Control Group”).

Results of the use of Bromley Creek Zeolite Poultry Additive:

  • Better feed conversion ratio – meaning less feed required / weight of bird at sale
  • Significantly improved condemnation rates – 33% lower than the Control Group
  • Significantly lower litter moisture – 35.5% (Test Group) vs 52% (Control Group)
  • 6.5% greater profit margin in the Test Group over the Control Group

Observational and quantifiable results showed an increase in general health of the Test Group. Specifically, results from the Test Group showed a measurable decrease in litter moisture, fewer darkling beetles and a significant improvement in bird mortality over the Control Group. All other input factors were statistically equal between the two groups.

The results of both Phase I and Phase II of the in-field trial have demonstrated a clear link between the use of Bromley Creek zeolite poultry additive and the resultant improved yields, better bird health and superior economics for farmers. Dr. Lloyd Weber, DVM reported that Bromley Creek zeolite poultry additive “promotes gut health as a gut acidifier and therefore the lower condemnation rate in the treated birds provides evidence of the health benefits of the product.” Continuing, Dr. Weber reported that the Bromley Creek zeolite poultry additive “is anticipated to improve gut health, reduce wetness of litter and reduce populations of flies/beetles. The product performed well in this trial, showing a marked difference in feed conversion in particular.”

According to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2017 commercial production of chicken and turkey meat totaled 1.37-billion kilograms nationally through more than 3,300 regulated poultry producers. More than 60% of this in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Total farming operation receipts for chicken and turkey products exceeded C$2.88-billion nationally in that same year.

Bromley Creek zeolite is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in animal feed. The particular attributes of Bromley Creek zeolite make it the only Canadian sourced product for use in commercial agricultural operations. “It is through real, quantifiable, evidence-based data that we will be able to market our superior feed additive to Canada’s huge agricultural industry,” stated Mr. Ray Paquette, President & CEO of International Zeolite. “The clearly demonstrated benefits of Bromley Creek zeolite poultry additive for both improved bird health and increased operational margins will enable us to promote our product with a significant cost-benefit analysis”.

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