International Zeolite Details Strategic Transformation to a Zeolite Product and Solutions Company with a Targeted Focus on Agricultural Technology

International Zeolite Details Strategic Transformation to a Zeolite Product and Solutions Company with a Targeted Focus on Agricultural Technology

 Company Provides Corporate and 2022 Strategic Update




Vancouver, British Columbia, April 7, 2022 – International Zeolite Corp. (“IZ” or the “Company”) (TSXV: IZ) (OTC: IZCFF) (FSE: ZEON), creating innovative, environmentally friendly products and solutions utilizing zeolite minerals for the agricultural, industrial and consumer markets, is pleased to provide an update on its corporate and operational initiatives in the agricultural sector.

“We have made significant progress on a number of our key objectives, and we continue to focus our efforts on commercializing NEREA®, a product with disruptive potential benefitting farmers, commercial growers, and the environment,” stated CEO Ray Paquette. “Inflationary pressures continue to drive fertilizer and food costs higher while soil health and water scarcity are other growing concerns. NEREA® addresses all of these challenges, increasing crop yields with less fertilizer and water in a shorter period of time. We believe that the decision we’ve made to increase our focus on fully developing a vertical integration strategy for NEREA® marks a critical inflection point in our Company’s growth.”

Macro Tailwinds Ideally Suited for NEREA® Commercialization and Launch of NEREA

Fertilizer prices are at record highs and farmers and growers are searching for alternatives. Prices for raw materials that constitute the fertilizer market are up 30% since the turn of the year. Supply shortages along with a host of other factors, have driven fertilizer prices higher. Among farmers and growers, very few topics are being discussed as much as the skyrocketing cost of fertilizer and increasing concerns regarding availability.

NEREA® is a holistic solution that provides both financial and environmental benefits. It improves commercial agriculture financial performance and efficiencies, while also proving to be environmentally safe. By holding and slowly releasing nutrients and water to plant roots, NEREA® reduces fertilizer and water costs while decreasing agricultural runoff and promoting soil sustainability. These are material benefits that extend from the farmers and growers to the consumers and the environment in which they all live.

“Finding alternative and complementary nutrient delivery systems that improve crop yields and reduce input costs is the primary concern facing farmers today,” stated President Mark Pearlman. “There is an incredible opportunity for us to help farmers and growers across North America to create an environmentally friendly, financially beneficial and cost-effective solution to support an industry facing continued economic pressure. NEREA® has proven to be a transformational agricultural growth system, that delivers all the essential nutrients required in a plants life cycle. Research validates that utilizing NEREA® shortens crop cycle time, increases quality and yields while reducing major cost inputs.”

Completion of NEREA® Milestone Technology Transfer Agreement

The Agreement signed with the University of Havana Foundation (“UH”) for the exclusive development and commercialization of NEREA® for North America is critical to the Company’s strategic decision to increase its focus on crop science and agricultural applications for its natural zeolite resources.

The Technology Transfer Agreement completes IZ’s vertical integration strategy and will allow the Company to distribute NEREA® through its value chain. IZ is now focused on the commercialization and operationalization of bringing NEREA® to market.


Research Results Validate NEREA’s Revolutionary Potential

The Company engaged Niagara College’s Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre (“AETIC”) and Vineland Research & Innovation Centre to conduct research projects validating NEREA’s technical performance, with impressive results.

NEREA®, used as a drop-in substrate or soil amendment in field or controlled-environment agriculture (“CEA”), demonstrates numerous environmentally friendly and significant advantages and benefits to farmers and commercial growers including:

The research projects were conducted independent of one another and validated the original UH research results indicating that NEREA® enables crops to mature more quickly, shortening crop cycle and increasing yield while providing all the essential nutrients required throughout the growth period, without any additional nutrient applications.

NEREA® Research & Innovation Article Links:

(1) To receive a copy of the Vineland Research: IZC NEREA® Validation Report (in PDF), please contact


Additions to Leadership Strengthen Operational and Sales Initiatives

As part of its commitment to the growth of International Zeolite’s agricultural technology business, the Company added operational and strategic leadership expertise as well as consumer packaged goods (“CPG”) sales and marketing experience with its appointments of Mark Pearlman as President and Chief Operating Officer and Ken Malone as Chief Revenue Officer.

Mr. Pearlman was Worldwide Chief of Staff at Hewlett Packard, where he was responsible for the transformation of a global sales force as well as the integration of acquired companies in the HP portfolio. At Wal-Mart International, he was tasked with developing logistics plans and projects supporting the expansion of the multi-national’s presence throughout Europe and Canada. Mr. Pearlman also served as Vice Chair of the Ontario Food Terminal, North America’s second-largest wholesale produce terminal.

Mr. Malone has over 30 years of retail and CPG industry experience, optimizing business models through the streamlining of value chains and driving brand growth for Canadian market leaders Loblaws, Rexall, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

The collective skillsets of the management team will allow the Company to improve operational efficiencies, further develop and expand its product lines and deliver those products through new sales channels.

Corporate Objectives Outline (Short, Medium and Long Term):

International Zeolite is strongly positioned for the significant market opportunity presented by the increased costs within the fertilizer market, and demand for alternative, environmentally friendly and complementary nutrient delivery systems to aid farmers and growers ever increasing input costs. The Company has set several milestones and goals that it plans to accomplish over the next few years:

Short Term Objectives (3-12 Months)

Medium Term Objectives (12-24 months)

Long Term Objectives (24 months and beyond)


About International Zeolite

International Zeolite’s mission is to produce a line of high-value top-tier performance natural zeolite products and solutions. We believe that real change comes from the ground up. Our focused aim is to utilize the naturally occurring zeolite mineral to innovate commercial agriculture, industry and consumer practices that outperform their competition, and are better for the environment and world populations. Our purpose driven zeolite solutions represent a new era of earth conscious environmental science that will relentlessly seek to transform agriculture, industry, and households to safer, sustainable, superior means of operation.


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