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Transitioning from exploration to generating revenues from operations



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  • About International Zeolite Corporation (IZC)
  • Market Opportunities for IZC Zeolite Products
  • NEREA ® as a transformational Growing Medium for
  • Financial Forecast

International Zeolite Mission

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We’re passionate about developing and providing environmentally friendly zeolite and zeolite infused products and solutions for use in agriculture and aquaculture as well as composting, landscaping and water purification. Our products for consumers include soil conditioners, odour eliminators and road salt replacements.

About International Zeolite Corp.

Building the Premier Provider of Zeolite Products Globally

  • The Company has a 1,492.2 hectare mine in Bromley Creek, BC and 949 hectares known as the Sun Group, with a r esource potential reported at 46 Million Metric tonnes of Zeolite.
  • Operating subsidiary, Earth Innovations Inc., provides the necessary sales and logistics platform to market the companies’ zeolite salt replacement and odor removal products.
  • Our Partner Absorbent Products Limited (APL) provides IZC with comphrenesive operational capabilities to extract zeolites from IZC’s mines, process, package and distribute zeolite products throughout North America
  • IZC has an exclusive contractual agreement with the University of Havana to make, market and sell its patented technology that embeds nutrients directly into zeolite creating a transformational nutrient delivery system to benefit commercial agriculture.


Leadership Advisory Team

  • Mark Caplan
    has over 30 years of experience in finance. He was most recently Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Montreal Europe. Previous ly , Mr. Caplan served as
    President of the Global Risk Institute in Financial Services. From 2010 2016, He worked as Regional Head of Scotiabank’s Europea n business. He worked in a
    senior capacity for the Bank of Canada and is a former member of the Monetary Policy Review Committee and the Financial Syste m R eview Committee. He was also
    a longstanding executive at BMO Capital Markets in Toronto. Mark is a former Board member of BMO Europe plc (public limited c omp any), Scotiabank Europe plc,
    and Chair of Scotia Capital Europe Limited. Mr. Caplan is a Distinguished Fellow of the Munk School of Public Policy and Glo bal Affairs at the University of Toronto
    and a member of the Investment Committee of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.
  • Rohn Crabtree
    is president of Newport Holdings LLC, an energy advisory firm. Having spent more than 30 years in the energy industry, Rohn h as extensive
    experience leading, advising, and financing companies of all sizes, including start up and early stage companies. He has worked as a senior corporate executive,
    consultant, advisor, and as a board member for public, private and non profit entities. He has successfully raised several billi on dollars in debt and equity financing.
    Mr. Crabtree serves currently on the board of Magvation Medical. He previously held the position of Board Chairman for the publicly traded Commerce Energy, Inc.
    Mr. Crabtree served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Calpine Power Income Fund and later as a lead power contracting adv iso r to the Ontario Power Authority.
    Mr. Crabtree earned his MBA in finance and international management from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Bus ine ss and Bachelor of Science
    degrees in both finance and accounting from Weber State University.
  • Cliff Hacking
    is the founding president and CEO of the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA), an industry led, not for profit organ ization that operates
    regulated recycling programs across Canada. The EPRA has grown into the most comprehensive end of life electronic stewardship pr ogram in North America. In
    leadership roles prior to the EPRA, Cliff increased revenue and profitability at such industry leading companies as Hewlett Pack ard, Compaq, Canadian Tire, and
    The Oshawa Group Limited. As Hewlett Packard vice president of the Americas, Cliff bolstered the sales force with more effective lead generation and a more
    efficient sales cycle process. When HP and Compaq merged, Cliff led the successful integration of Canadian activities. Cliff hol ds an MBA from Western University’s
    Richard Ivey School of Business. He is a member of the Conference Board of Canada and a past board member for the Supply Chai n L ogistics Council. He earned
    an ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors via the Rotman School of Business, representing a lifelong com mit ment to excellence in the
  • Dr. Gerardo Rodriquez
    Fuentes is one of the world’s leading experts in the application of natural zeolite and is a Doctor in Science at the Zeolite Enginee rin g
    Laboratory, Material Science and Technology Institute, University of Havana, Cuba. Throughout his impressive 40 year career he h as designed and developed new
    zeolitic materials for the medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries and for troubleshooting environmental pollutio n.
    Leadership Advisory Team


International Zeolite Priorities

  • Transition IZC from mining exploration to revenue generation through marketing and sales of zeolite products
  • Expand IZC’s Executive Management Board and Advisory Board to include Global Financial leaders as while as leaders in retail, commercial and agricultural sectors
  • Establish and execute road map for IZC’s Re branding campaign as a Environmentally Friendly Zeolites products provider
  • Create a go to market strategy for nutrient infused zeolite products and solutons that benefits commercial and retail agriculture industry segments.
  • Raise $3.5 Million in proceeds to on board resources to increase sales and introduce innovative new zeolite products
  • Drive gross sales of $40 Million plus over 5 years

Markets for Natural Zeolite

Zeolite holds exceptional value for a broad spectrum of applications.



Water Treatment






  • Zeoponic growing medium
  • Odour & moisture control
  • Animal feed flow agent
  • Animal feed supplements
  • OnDemand Nutrient Delivery ™
  • Waste water discharge
  • Minimization of runoff
  • Removal of ammonia
  • Inexpensive & simple wastewater treatment
  • Fish farming
  • Aquatic specimen transport
  • Aquariums
  • Municipal composting
  • Road salt replacement
  • Artificial turf
  • Fly ash substitute in concrete
  • Radioactive waste containment
  • Various GreenTech industrial applications

Areas of active/planned interest for IZC


Market Opportunities for IZC Zeolite Products

  • Animal Feed Production in Canada ( as per IBISWORLD an expert industry market research firm) –$9.5bn Animal feel production in Canada market size in 2021 –  Animal Feed Research
  • Artificial Turf  – The global artificial turf market size was estimated at USD 2.6 billion in 2018 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2019 to 2025 according to Grand View Research – Artificial Turf Research
  • Municipal Composting –“From a national diversion total of 275,000 tonnes in 1992/1993, our current survey indicates that over 5.3 million tonnes of organic residuals are now being processed annually across Canada,” said Susan Antler, Executive Director of the Com post Council of Canada. With potential to double capacity – Composting Research
  • Fly Ash Replacement “The global fly ash market size was valued at USD 8.54 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 13.33 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.83% during the forecast period . – Flyash Research
  • Road Salt Replacement – A five year assessment by Environment Canada found that the five million tons of road salts used across the country every winter contaminate groundwater, surface water, poison wildlife and harm vegetation. Streams, small lake ecosystems and groundwater are particularly vulnerable to road salt, which should be added to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act’s toxic substances list, Environment Canada said in its report. Using the Mackinac Center estimate, that’s $4.8 billion in damage per year. – Road Salt Research
  • Agricultural (non processed Zeolite) – The global soil amendments market is estimated at USD 2.94 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.7%, to reach USD 4.88 billion by 2025. – Agricultural Zeolite Research

Market Opportunities for IZC Zeolite Products
  • International Zeolite’s revolutionary new method of soilless, controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is an entirely new alternative to hydroponics or outdoor growing offering similar advantages as well as several improvements, at much lower complexity, capital cost, and equipment and servicing requirements.
  • It is a completely new market entrant to the exploding CEA industry which, until now, has had only hydroponic options and has the potential to be a disruptive new 2nd technology.
  • IZ’s new medium, based on their plentiful natural reserves of zeolite ––“nature’s nanotech” enhanced using space age technology to deliver nutrients directly to plant roots exactly as needed, grows plants faster, larger, with far less water outcompeting even hydroponics, as the most advanced and reliable growth system available.


The Product / Technology

NEREA® is a revolutionary material and method of direct crop and plant agronomy, offering a superior alternative to the well-known hydroponics technique.

  • Like hydroponics, NEREA® facilitates growing crops efficiently with up to 90% savings in water and fertilizer usage while remarkably increasing crop yield (20-30%) and speed.
  • However, NEREA®-based ‘zeoponics’ is far less complicated and thus has far lower capitaland operational- requirements and costs for equivalent output.

NEREA® can be thought of as “solid-state hydroponics” where simply water – without pre-mixed nutrients – is added without the need for any additional nutrient control infrastructure, such as: circulating pumps, sophisticated sensors, and/or complicated control and monitoring systems.

NEREA is: (A) the physical medium (supporting the plant), (B) the nutrient – and: (C) the nutrient delivery mechanism – and a very sophisticated one at that.


Zeolite and NEREA®

Zeolites are a group of naturally occurringiv microporous, aluminosilicate minerals having a  honeycomb-like layered crystal structure, which can be highly chemically active: the nanostructure (size and shape of the chambers, at a scale of nanometers – millionths of an inch or less) and the high reactivity of the chemical sites in a zeolite makes it act like billions of tiny chemical reactors – “Nature’s nanotech” – which can be further altered deliberately to tune it for highly specific purposes.


NEREA™ begins with a naturally-occurring mineral zeolite – “clinoptilolite” – (known in the zeolite world by the technical code ‘HEU’) from International Zeolite, which has an enormous reserve of some of the world’s highest-quality deposits. To transform IZ’s zeolite into a complete, “zeoponic” plant-growing medium, this network of interconnected tunnels and cages is treated and modified, loading it with nitrogen and potassium and combining it with other compounds containing phosphorous, and calcium – the ‘major nutrients’ – as well as a complete suite of the minor and trace nutrients. The zeolite acts as a reservoir for the nutrients which are slowly released ‘on demand’.


NEREA® The Opportunity

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), aka “Vertical Farming” or “Plant Factories” enormous indoor hydroponic greenhouses, requiring extensive support and technology infrastructure, is one of the fastest growing sectors in AgTech . The global vertical farming market size was valued at US$2.23 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach $12.77 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 24.6% from 2019 to 2026

Plant factories/vertical farms grow primarily commodity crops like lettuce, basil and other herbs, and other leafies ” as well as tomatoes and increasingly cucumbers and peppers, which are easily harvested and packaged. The industry is beginning to shift, though, to an emphasis on higher value/margin crops such as strawberries and soon customized crops such as small melons and other items developed specifically for the emerging market

Niagara College Validation Test Results

Agriculture & Environment Innovation Centre

  • Shorter time to germinate and more seeds germinated in NEREA® when compared Oasis®
  • Faster germination in NEREA® demonstrated a potential for shortened cropping, allow more crops grown per year
  • The NEREA® substrate has demonstrated faster and more abundant germination of Lactuca sativa (lettuce) var. ‘Buttercrunch’
  • NEREA® provided nutrients for leaf and root growth with no observable deficiencies
  • Lettuce grown in NEREA® was larger and more leafy than in Oasis®
Vineland Research Validation Results

Chlorophyll Content Analysis

25% Zeolite – 39.73

25% NEREA – 54.63

Pro Mix – 47.68

  • 25% Zeolite
  • 25% Zeolite
  • Pro Mix

Validated Benefits of NEREA®

  • Lower Crop Loss: 5% 50% lower
  • Faster Time to Harvest: 25% 40% Faster
  • Higher Production Yields: 90% increase in yield
  • Lower Water Usage: 25% 30% lower
  • Environmentally Benefit: 100% usage of N P K
  • Better & Faster Germination: 20% 200% better & 25% faster
  • Higher Quality of Production
  • Lower plant infection by fungus, viruses and microorganisms
  • Lower operating cost of Labour as NEREA ® does not require replacement after
  • Lower operating cost of Labour as NEREA ® does not require replacement after

Documented results published by University of Havana

Larger and Faster Yields With Less Crop Loss



Documented results published by University of Havana


NEREA® Go to Market

Go To Market / “Dollar One”: What Products, What Channels, What Applications

One key market advantage of NEREA, distinct from a commodity mined bulk good like the base zeolite (clinoptilolite), is creating one or more structured, use-/market-specific, high-value-add, high-margin products.

Example Scenario: Multi-Crop Longtunnel Customer The structurable NEREA substrate can be provided in tailored “recipes”, in long poly bag ‘pigs’ that can be deployed side-by-side in a longtunnel greenhouse, using benches with watering tubing – creating in effect a hydroponic setup for multiple crops without the expense and complexity of NFT water trays, 24×7 circulation pumping, nutrient dosing and monitoring, risk of clogging/pump failure/crop loss.

In this system, strawberries are being grown directly from NEREA substrate tubes with water injectors – the equivalent of a hydroponic system but with 90% less equipment needed and risk of equipment/crop failure..


IZC SWOT Analysis


IZC Competitive Analysis

  • In Canada there really is no comparative zeolite producer on the
    same scale as IZC
  • In the USA, the key competitors to IZC are:
    • KMI Zeolite Death Valley Nevada
    • Bear River Zeolite Idaho
    • St Cloud Mining New Mexico
  • IZC have agreements with KMI, Bear River and St Cloud for supply and processing if required.


IZC Investor Value Proposition

  • Significantly undervalued Market Capitalization
  • Access to millions of owned tonnes of Zeolite
  • Branded and certified products for agriculture
  • Management expertise to drive new streams of revenue
  • Exclusivity to transformational technology to imbed nutrients directly into zeolite creating ‘Natures Nanotechnology’ for effective nutrient delivery to plants.
  • Contract mine processor and packager with sales organization with capacity to scale thus having complete vertical operations


IZC Forecast




  1. Ecotraction
  2. Mining: Bulk Zeolite Outdoor Growing including Organic; Turf; Animal Feed; Water Filtration; In 2025 Fly Ash is operational
  3. NEREA Sales CEA (Greenhouses and other indoor grows); Consumer Retail ( e.g. plugs; turf grower); Outdoor Grow
  4. The Company receives a royalty of $9 per ton on mining the Zeolite from its BC mines

Why Invest in International Zeolite?








  • Operating Bromley Mine in BC
  • Revenue generating industrial mineral
  • Operational and industry expertise
  • Domestic & International supply chain
  • Established as an international customer for Cuban zeolite
  • Established Contract mining and processing
  • Massive, untapped potential of the Sun Group Zeolite property
  • Ongoing, world class research & development
  • Providing new solutions for existing needs
  • Expansion of sales to International markets
  • Addition of value added products from Earth Innovations
  • Higher margin retail & commercial products in North America
  • Leverage of Green Technology in the mining space
  • Access to burgeoning investor interest in cannabis
  • Expanding Cuban markets into Central/South America
  • Expansion of Earth Innovations into European market
  • Becoming THE market leader in Environmentally Beneficial Solutions ™



Share Capitalization Information

As of April 30, 2021

Ownership Profile

Corporate Contact

Issued and Outstanding
Share Capital
Stock Options
Warrants 2,946,267
Fully Diluted Share
  • Mgmt & Insiders: ~ 29%
  • Significant Holders: ~ 20%
  • Shareholders:~ 1,100
International Zeolite Corp.
401 Bay Street, Suite 2704
Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4
Telephone:( 684 3301