Artificial Turf Infill

Characterized by its high surface charge density and high cation exchange capacity, zeolites’ unique ability to absorb and bind a broad range of materials makes them a simple and inexpensive turf infill solution for deodourization and bacteria-removal. Zeolite turf infill is an excellent alternative for artificial grass. 


How Zeolite Turf Infill Works

Zeolite infill attracts gaseous properties. When it rains, sodium ions in the water flush bacteria out of the turf, preserving its quality.

Zeolite particles cool turf fibres through slow water evaporation and naturally eliminate turf odours through its slow evaporation process. As a non-scented odour neutralizer, zeolite’s absorption and adsorption properties capture and eliminate everyday odours common with artificial turf.

With zeolite turf infill, you do not need to water your grass to eliminate odours, as zeolite’s high amount of pores can absorb ammonia, thus removing pet odours from the turf. Zeolite also adequately drains all fluids, meaning you never need to worry about drainage in your turf area. The mineral’s pointed mineral granules also don’t dissolve or deteriorate, making it the preferred choice of turf infill for sports fields, landscape turf, and pet grass. Zeolite is also certified-organic and is proven to be safe for children, pets and the environment, unlike other artificial turf infills.

Synthetic zeolite turf infill is best installed over your artificial grass setting to help control odours.