Odour Control

Zeolite is a massive help in the home, as it neutralizes and eliminates smells caused by pets, carpets, garbage bins etcetera. Zeolite properties eliminate odour in two ways:

  • Absorption: Zeolite soaks up odour-causing properties.
  • Adsorption: Zeolite controls and neutralizes all odours.

Unlike non-zeolite odour controllers, zeolite eliminates odours naturally by using absorption and adsorption. International Zeolite’s Smell Grabber offers the best odour controller for the home.

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Safe, Effective, and Chemical Free Odour Control

Zeolite naturally eliminates the worst odours in the home and in agriculture.

Zeolite is effective in eliminating the following odours in the home:

  • Stinky garbage & green compost bins
  • Smelly mildew (it also helps to reduce moisture)
  • Nauseating diaper pails
  • Dirty cat litter (all pet urine & poop odours)
  • Cages for small animals
  • Outhouses & temporary toilets
  • Carpet stench (sprinkle and vacuum)
  • And much more!

Zeolite odour control is Powerful and Safe:

  • Made of 100% natural, non-toxic mineral
  • Over 10x more effective than baking soda
  • Quickly eliminates odours instead of temporarily masking them
  • Removes ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulphide
  • Safe to touch, will not harm people or pets
  • Phthalates-free and fragrance-free


Get rid of garbage and compost odours naturally.

Zeolite odour control is an innovative, all-natural odour eliminator associated with household and food waste!

What can zeolite do for you?

  • Deodorizer: Adsorbs ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulphide gases emitted from rotting food, thus keeping flies and pests at bay.
  • Desiccant: Helps to dry out the top layer of compost in the bin and prevents or dries out maggots.

Where to use zeolite odour control in your house:

  • Line the bottom of your garbage pail and compost bin to decrease odours in your kitchen.
  • Sprinkle in used diapers before throwing them out, eliminating diaper pail odours.

Pet Odours

Smell Grabber effectively eliminates most household pet odours.

  • Kitty Litter – extend the life of your cat’s litter box by eliminating nasty odours.
  • Small Animal Cages – line the bottom of the cage or add zeolite odour control to your critter’s bedding, which can make owning a small pet an odour-free experience.
  • Big Pets – if your best friend has spent too much time in the water, or smells like he rolled in something, use zeolite odour control like a dry shampoo and rub away your dog’s unwanted odours.

Landfill and Compost

Zeolite odour control is excellent for compost and aids in reducing odours in landfills.

  • Aerates soil through its porous ‘honeycomb’ structure
  • Porous mineral structure balances moisture levels
  • Improves draining and nutrients in compost*
  • Will continue to eliminate odours from garbage even in the landfill

Improves efficiency and reduces the smell in outhouses and composting toilets