Traction Control

Thanks to zeolite’s spiny, sharp edges and honeycomb-like structure, its unique granules provide instant traction on ice and snow.

Each granule has microscopic channels, absorbing the thin, slippery layer of water found on ice, helping grip ice & snow more efficiently than any other product. Zeolite has sharp micro edges, a large surface area, multiple contact points, and a rigid structure making zeolite the ultimate traction agent for winter conditions, and is an excellent road salt alternative.

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Road Salt Alternatives: Zeolite Traction Control

Traction Control In The Home

Zeolite traction control doesn’t melt away like salt does by leaching into the ground, contaminating the soil and ground water. Instead, zeolite retains its structure on ice and snow, lasting much longer than any ice melter that helps prevent slip & falls. Over time, it crushes underfoot on hard surfaces and breaks down. You can safely sweep it away onto lawns and gardens in the spring.

Good for plants and gardens

Our zeolite products are not only safe for plants to grow in; it also benefits the soil as an active fertilizer for your garden, unlike salt, which contaminates soil and kills plants. Zeolite retains and slowly releases nutrients and minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium to keep lawns healthy.

Zeolite’s porous structure acts like a tiny sponge that aerates the soil and retains water, moistening the soil. Zeolite also helps reduce lawn damage from dog urine. Its molecular sieve properties lock-in and neutralize ammonia to help prevent it from burning the grass.

Naturally purifies the environment

As a negatively charged naturally occurring mineral, zeolite has a high cation exchange capacity, allowing it to trap heavy metals, such as lead and arsenic, commonly found in trace amounts in road salt.

Thanks to its molecular sieve properties, zeolite absorbs and removes heavy metals from lakes, rivers, and sewage and locks them into its microscopic structure for good. Zeolite also filters the air by adsorbing noxious fumes and nuisance odours.

Safe for pets & children

Zeolite winter traction is an all-natural volcanic mineral that is non-corrosive. It is safe for children to touch, unlike chemical-based products and won’t harm pets’ paws. Zeolite traction control is 100% natural and contains no added salt, chlorides, chemicals, or dyes.


Industrial Traction Control

Zeolite’s pointed mineral granules don’t melt or dissolve like salt. Depending on the volume of commercial site traffic, the granules may break down over the winter. However, in many cases, zeolite helps provide traction throughout the winter and can melt ice.


When zeolite’s dark green porous granules absorb microscopic water levels from ice and snow, they turn dark green, attracting the sun’s rays. Solar Energy warms them up, embedding them into the ice. Once the ice melts, zeolite granules can continue to deliver traction weeks and months after you first apply it.


If there are zeolite granules leftover when snow and ice melt away, sweep them onto flowerbeds and lawns because this mineral benefits the soil. You can also re-collect these granules and reuse them next winter.

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