Our Company

Based in Canada, we are a vertically integrated organization that covers the complete value chain from zeolite production and supply to direct to consumer capabilities. Our products are tested, applied and exceed the standards in all markets served.

Our strong partner relationships with zeolite suppliers in the USA, Cuba and Europe allow us to continue being a number one provider of natural zeolite.

World Class Research

Collaborative relationships propel us forward

International Zeolite has three integral research partnerships with world-class research facilities. These collaborative relationships propel us forward in using zeolite-infused product solutions across several industries. In January 2021, International Zeolite Corporation reached a landmark negotiation with the University of Havana Foundation (UH), Geominera S.A. (GMSA), to better understand NEREA®️. UH and GMSA found that NEREA®️ zeoponic technology is proven to produce higher yields of crops by 20-30%, use less water by 30% at a higher quality of product, and have lower plant infection fungus, viruses and microorganisms. NEREA®️ substrates are environmentally friendly and do not produce environment-damaging waste.

In October 2021, International Zeolite partnered with Niagara College’s Research & Innovation (R&I) division to conduct two significant research projects: comprehensive market analysis of the greenhouse environment in Canada to determine which industry NEREA®️ fits best, as well as hands-on trials to test and validate the product’s technical performance. International Zeolite also partnered with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre to conduct trials with NEREA®️. The project is being funded in part by the Niagara College-led Greenhouse Technology Network (GTN) through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario). Niagara College’s preliminary evaluation of the performance of zeolite-based NEREA®️ established the product as a hydroponic media substitute for commercial production of leafy greens in Canada.

Our Mines

Bromley Creek

  • Fully operational zeolite quarry in Princeton, British Columbia.
  • 43-101 measured and indicated resource
  • 1,134.75 hectare property claim
  • Contract miner and processor
  • 30 year Mine Lease

Sun Group

  • Future zeolite quarry operation in the Similkameen Mining District, British Columbia
  • 527.17 hectare property claim
  • Resource reported at 46 million tonnes of zeolite

Supply Relationships

  • USA
  • Europe
  • Cuba

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